Ron Blanc

“The location is perfect and there’s so much to do. The splendid plans they’re offering us and the coastal setting are very appealing to me.” Continue reading

For Ron Blanc, the biggest reason for planning to live at Fountainview is friendship. After his wife passed away a few years ago, Ron realized how much he needed his friends around him. “Two married couples, all good friends of mine, were thinking of living together at Fountainview and asked me to join them. I gave them a great, enthusiastic, ‘Yes, I’ll do it!’ ”

Ron is a practicing attorney as well as an avid tennis player, father of three and grandfather of seven. He is involved with charitable activities through his synagogue and the larger Jewish community and is a member of the California Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the state’s legal profession. He enjoys the symphony and participating in the UCLA Plato Society.

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